You love Italy. You love Italian food. You drool over the fashions of Milan and sigh over the bridges in Venice. Your vino is rosso. Your blood boils at the sound of a Ferrari and you dream of basking under the Tuscan sun.

 After 25 years traveling with our Italian family and friends the “fatal charm of Italy” is just as appealing as ever and we’d like to invite yo to see and savor Italy with us. Our posts are an eclectic mix of insight and information that encourages you to experience the culinary and cultural traditions of regional Italian food on more than a “show and tell” tour seeing many of the iconic sites of Italy a little differently, outside the tourist flow to places most Italians enjoy when traveling in their own country.

We host a community of like-minded epicurious travelers with posts and Italian travel itineraries that pair the pleasures of eating with the cultural and culinary traditions of regional Italian food. Your interest and support of CosituttiMarketPlace allows us to continue our long standing relationships with artisan producers and generational families in Italy and the US who are committed to preserving the gastro-history of regional Italian food with the common belief that preparing a well-laid table to share and enjoy with your family and friends is a lost pleasure that must be found again.

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