Recipe Box

recipe box


After eating in Italy with my Italian family and friends I’ve come to realize the pivotal place food has in the Italian culture. Italians take time and effort to prepare a well-laid table where there is beauty and grace in the smallest detail.

On this page and throughout my posts there are recipes from my taste travels through Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria. Many have been passed down by my Lombardian cousins and relatives in the Veneto in the oral tradition of the great kitchens of Italy.  Several are from favorite ristoranti, trattorie and cooking schools and friends that are part Seeing and Savoring Italy taste and travel series.

Some are written in the narrative style so that I might include the experiences I have had eating and traveling in Northern Italy,Tuscany and Umbria with my Italian family and friends.

You can view more recipes from classical Italian kitchens to modern interpretations of the generational foods of Italy with product recommendations at

Here are 2 examples of my favorites.

Pumpkin, Pici and Pecorino

Risotto alla Milanese alla Nonna and Marian 

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