Seeing and Savoring the World with an Italian and a Bike

We’re big  fans of anyone who wants to see and savor the world. So when we heard about 36 y/o Italian Maximilian Felici ‘s desire to accomplish what the legendary Phileas Fogg did in 80 days we wanted to follow. . . on his bike.

Expected time for this trip is about 4 years, for a total of about 108,000 km across 67 states and 5 continents. Italian coffee producer Mokasirs will keep fans updated on details of Maximilian’s trip with exclusive publishing of his reports. Among the equipment that he’ll have is a laptop, a camera, a transponder and a satellite receiver that lets you follow his movements in real time on a map.

This former Piedmontese barista considers it to be a fascinating challenge and prepared for it by roller skating, basketball, ultra-marathons in the mountains, and of course cycling