From Cesena to Rimini

The driving distance between the town of Cesena and the town of Rimini is insignificant, about 27 kilometers or 17 miles. But as far as the making of piadina, Emilia Romagna's iconic unleavened flat bread, there is a significant measurable difference between the  making of this Italian flatbread sandwich between the two. Although Cesena piadina and … Continue reading From Cesena to Rimini


A Snack in the Reggio Emilia Style

I've been anxiously awaiting my first harvest of Swiss Chard so I can make a snack from one of my favorite parts of Italy - Emilia Romagna. Known as Spuntino Reggiano (a “snack in the Reggio Emilia style”) it is a good munch or light meal that takes its name from the city of  Reggio Emilia between Parma … Continue reading A Snack in the Reggio Emilia Style