A Eco-Conscious Traveler’s Earth Day Resolutions

Today is like New Year’s Day for the eco-conscious. It’s Earth Day and for those who are serious about helping Mother Earth it’s time to re-commit to making some positive changes in our ecological life.  The least eco-friendly person on the planet makes an effort not to litter and recycles but a recent survey  by Element Hotels  found that even the most eco-conscious of us ignore normal environment habits when traveling including turning off the lights and using less water.

So today would be a good time to renew our Earth Day Resolutions not only at home but when we are a guest in another country.  The environmental impact of travel is significant. With more than 900 million worldwide travelers we are globally challenged to preserve and protect the culture, heritage and geographic character of sites we visit. To do less would be irresponsible. To do more would be a way to show your appreciation for a chance to see the wonders of the world.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council web site has some tips. Here are a few others from the National Geographic Traveler web site to help lighten your ecological footprint when traveling.