Six 10 Second Decisions That Can Change the Course of How You See and Savor Italy

The endless possibilities of the day ahead. Travel is exciting, invigorating and in the best possible way unpredictable. Here are six 10 split-second decisions that I would not hesitate to make on your next trip to Italy. Should I Stay or Should I Go  . . . Off the Tourist Flow? If your destination is … Continue reading Six 10 Second Decisions That Can Change the Course of How You See and Savor Italy


The Iconic Chapel on the Hill

I remember the first time I saw the chapel, from a distance in the middle of no where, on a road trip through Tuscany on my way to Pienza. I thought I had seen a mirage. I had to blink twice and rub my eyes. The view I saw had been photographed thousands of times … Continue reading The Iconic Chapel on the Hill

Italy’s MUSE

The unique scenic beauty and the impressive mountain landscape of the Dolomites is the setting for a new science museum called the MUSE ( MUseo delle ScienzE ). With a retractable shading system, solar panels, geothermal probes and a cistern system for rainwater recovery, architect Renzo Piano has created a futuristic blend of nature, science and technology. Built on the site of a former Michelin tire factory in Trento, … Continue reading Italy’s MUSE

A Quattrocento Wall Calendar

I’m beginning to rely on my Smart Phone calendar at the expense, pleasure and visual appeal of my calendar on the wall. Every December I looked forward to buying a calendar for the New Year, displaying it like a work of art, shopping for an interesting theme customized to my taste. One year it was Welsh … Continue reading A Quattrocento Wall Calendar

The Pope Slept Here

Pienza is known around the world for being one of Tuscany's Renaissance treasures and the home of a Pope with a vision to transform his birthplace into the "ideal" Renaissance city. Located in the breathtaking Val d'Orcia (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) overlooking Monte Amiata, the medieval town of Corsignano was to be Italy's 15th … Continue reading The Pope Slept Here

A Eco-Conscious Traveler’s Earth Day Resolutions

Today is like New Year’s Day for the eco-conscious. It’s Earth Day and for those who are serious about helping Mother Earth it’s time to re-commit to making some positive changes in our ecological life.  The least eco-friendly person on the planet makes an effort not to litter and recycles but a recent survey  by Element … Continue reading A Eco-Conscious Traveler’s Earth Day Resolutions