The Book

This blog is a series of notes and updates to our book Seeing and Savoring Italy – A Taste and Travel Journey through Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria and is based on my experiences traveling, eating, cooking and shopping with my Italian family and friends over 10 years and 10,000 miles. It is a travel journal of taste that pairs the pleasures of eating with the history and art of the region that results in a unique travel experience way beyond a “show and tell” tour.

It began with a mother’s dream, a grandmother’s longing and a legacy of family recipes and traditions. When Nonna died at the age of 89 she did not leave a material inheritance valued in dollars and cents but she did leave a gastronomic treasure chest full of traditional family recipes and memories that connected us to the rich, cultural traditions of Italy and the belief that sitting at the table in fellowship with your family and friends is a lost pleasure that must be found again. I have been on a mission to discover the gastronomic treasures of Italy ever since that first cooking lesson in Nonna’s kitchen. That mission has taken me on a remarkable journey down Roman roads, past castles with Celtic altars and Etruscans ruins, through medieval walled cities and alpine lakes, visiting Renaissance chapels and Gothic cathedrals, into kitchens, vineyards and orchards, to experience the food of princes, popes, pilgrims and everyday Italians developing a taste for Italy and wanting more.   Sample Chapters


Other Writings and Publications

Pasta for a Princess. First in a series of Seeing and Savoring Italy children’s books using history to introduce kids to the fun and fantasy of cooking in this case the culinary backstory behind tagliatelle pasta.  

“Maestro Zafirano was worried.It was only 3 days before the arrival of the beautiful and powerful Lucrezia Borgia in Bologna and he was expected to prepare an unforgettable Renaissance feast fit for a princess”.






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