The Way We Travel

We believe there is a different way of traveling in Italy, a way that is more than a “show and tell” tour to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and colors of the Italian landscape. To see and savor the food, wine, art, design and adventure of traveling with our Italian family and friends on typical Italian road trips through Northern Italy, Tuscany and Umbria. Taking time, engaging all our senses and looking for the back story that makes the experience more meaningful and fun.

The Italian mode of sensual travel where time is extended may be a new paradigm for some US travelers who seem to be in a rush to relax but the concept of soggionare, an extended stay or holiday is part of an Italian’s DNA. So much so that even today many Italians traditionally take off the month of August (Ferragosto) to travel and many shops and offices are closed.  Although our trips have typically been shorter the idea of mindful travel is something we strive for.  Italians tend to devote time to experience the pleasure of travel. The breadth and depth of their country demands it.

Our travel experiences endure and when we return we sit around the table  of travel like hungry little versions of  Oliver Twist pounding, fork in fist, demanding “Please, sir I want more”.


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