Spaghetti Specs

Italy in 30 Seconds


Arguably the most popular pasta shape in the world, spaghetti are the strands against which all other pasta is measured. Pasta purists know that the proper combination of durum wheat and water and the extrusion of the pasta through traditional dies create the taste and texture that separates a premium pasta from a sticky glob.

Spaghetti (spaghetto sing.) means”thin string” or “twine” in Italian. Traditionally, most spaghetti was 20 inches long and .07 inches in diameter. Shorter lengths became popular during the latter half of the 20th century and now spaghetti is most commonly packaged in lengths of 10-12 inches. Variations in shape, length and diameter account for over 350 recorded types of pasta. Spaghettini, a variant of spaghetti with a thinner diameter, is perfect for quick sauces that are light so as not to weigh the pasta down.

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