What do Giorgio Armani and I have in common? In a word the color gray.  Armani’s 2011 Autumn/Winter menswear collection, decidedly shaded gray this year, was praised by the New York Times as nothing short of “illuminating”. The designer explained his choice of gray saying “Gray, because it goes with everything and you can add to it”.  Essattamente Giorgio. I couldn’t agree with you more.

 I love gray. I live in a gray house, I drive a gray car. My couch is a shade of gray and my favorite cardigan sweater is gray. Some people aspire to planting a white garden. Mine is a variation on gray with Artemisia and sage. I got excited when I saw a web site for gray weddings. At first I thought it had to do with marriage at a certain age but happily discovered it applied to anyone who loved gray. You can plan your gray wedding with gray invitations and wedding favors, a gray tablescape (accented with silver), gray flowers and a cutaway oxford gray morning coat for the groom. There’s even a gorgeous gray wedding dress by Vera Wang that just might convince the bride to forego white.  Italians have always liked gray from the blue-gray marble of Carrara, highly valued by Renaissance sculptures including Michelangelo to the crisp, clean taste of a Pinot Grigio, the most popular imported varietal in the United States (Pinot Grigio takes its name from the bluish-gray (grigio means gray in Italian) color of the fruit. Now if I could just get use to those gray streaks in my hair.


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